The local subsidiary of a large Pharma was growing fast. They required more support than their current lab services team could handle, they needed to prepare for a merger with another business unit, and lastly, they needed to prepare for a large upcoming move.


To improve consistency and scalability ManagedLab Services was contracted to:

  1. Increase on-site support team and associated support services to coincide with organizational growth.
  2. Organize, optimize, and document current lab programs (example: asset and consumables inventory management) and processes.
  3. Optimize scientist productivity by creating a “Science-Ready” lab environment through a full-portfolio of support services supporting the scientific team.

New Researchers

Client has grown from 70-200 researchers

Time Efficiencies

Steady increase of hours returned to science, from 2,900 in ’09 to 23,000 in ’18

Lab Moves

Assisted client with 3 facility moves over 5 years

Assets Managed

Currently managing more than 2,000 assets for client


More than 150 processes documented & performed


In 2009 this client contracted part-time lab management through ManagedLab Services, who focused on organizing the existing lab facility, getting a handle on asset management, and preparing for the upcoming move. A support technician was added shortly thereafter to handle media prep, glass wash, and inventory. Over the last decade, ManagedLab Services has been able to respond quickly to changes in site pressures and now supports the site comprehensively from a lab support standpoint. With a team of 12, ManagedLab works closely with the client Lab Operations team to ensure that scientists are able to maximize their time doing research.

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