Our Philosophy

Scientists are most productive when they work in a well-stocked and highly optimized lab environment.  For a lab to be truly efficient and optimized, Lab Operations decisions must be made based on data.

How we ensure your lab is always “science ready” is through our unique combination of PEOPLE, PROCESS, and DATA.

people process data

Our highly trained team of PEOPLE are empowered to provide excellent communication and proactive, best-in-class customer service.

They are supported by robust, repeatable, documented work PROCESSES designed by our experienced team of Lab Operations professionals and managed via our cutting-edge management tools.

That, combined with our vendor agnostic approach to lab services offers you a robust portfolio of DATA that allows your key department heads (Procurement, Facilities, Health & Safety, Lab Operations, and Scientists) to make forward thinking decisions based on real-time data.

Why Vendor Agnostic?

We do not promote products or services tied to a specific vendor. We believe strongly that this ensures that we have no competing interests beyond providing you the best solutions for you.

This also allows us to equally support any products/equipment that our customers use, regardless of vendor; which means you get more comprehensive and transparent data.