Vendor Managed Inventory

Our Vendor Managed InventoryVMI” solution brings together the people, process, and data that you need to appropriately manage your vendors and inventoried materials.

Our integrated program, aggregates data required for Procurement, Facilities, EH&S, IT, and Scientific teams in one place, so you can harness the power of a single tool to ensure a cohesive approach to the management of your laboratories.


Taking a vendor agnostic approach, we offer a complete VMI program that manages materials from all your vendors, simplifies your life, and ensures materials are available when your scientists need them. Additionally, our vendor managed inventory program provides robust portfolio of customizable reports that enable your leadership teams to manage their labs, scientists, and primary suppliers more closely and with more accuracy.

Finally, our team of Lab Operations experts works with our team and yours throughout the life of the program to ensure we are meeting all of your laboratory’s needs and offering maximum benefit and impact to every single department.

Vendor Managed Inventory

For a single price, our all-inclusive VMI, program provides:

  • Space design and implementation
  • Software
  • Trained support personnel
  • Inventory management of all suppliers
  • POU maintenance
  • Custom reporting
  • Metrics analysis and program improvement suggestions


Knowing what chemicals, in what quantities, are where, is just the beginning for our chemical inventory management program. Our customizable program allows site and item-specific rules to be implemented to ensure you are always in compliance. From storage rules, to allowable quantities, to aliquoting and bottle usage tracking, allow our team of experts to implement and manage your full service chemical management program.


Beyond what you have and where, our asset program provides your Finance, Facilities, EH&S and Scientific teams the data and work management platform they need to appropriately manage service, contracts, lifecycle, and other critical information to ensure you are making decisions based on data.