3 Takeaways From the Resurrection of Biogen’s Alzheimer’s Drug

Posted by |2019-12-09T02:30:07-08:00December 6th, 2019|

The name of the experimental drug was heard so frequently in hotel hallways at the conference that it sounded like an incantation: aducanumab, aducanumab, aducanumab. Regardless of the eventual FDA verdict on Biogen’s once-bagged, now-revived anti-amyloid antibody, data from clinical trials of the treatment have inarguably altered the course of drug discovery and development for […]

Biogen Points to Enrollment and Dosing to Explain Alzheimer’s Results

Posted by |2019-12-05T14:41:59-08:00December 5th, 2019|

Biogen revealed detailed results from its Alzheimer’s trial to a jam-packed room of eager conference attendees this week—and while some described it as a major advance in the field, others were less convinced. Samantha Budd Haeberlein, Biogen’s vice president of clinical development, took the stage Thursday morning in San Diego at Clinical Trials on Alzheimer’s […]

Stemonix, Atomwise Team Up on Drug Discovery With MicroOrgans and AI

Posted by |2019-12-03T18:05:14-08:00December 3rd, 2019|

Two venture-backed startups that have developed technologies intended to speed up the drug discovery and development process are combining those tools in a bid to achieve their goals together. San Francisco-based Atomwise has developed deep learning techniques for use in structure-based small molecule drug discovery. Since 2012 it has raised more than $50 million to […]

Neurocrine Inks $50M Xenon Pharma Deal to Expand Into Epilepsy

Posted by |2019-12-02T16:00:31-08:00December 2nd, 2019|

Neurocrine Biosciences is paying $30 million cash and taking a $20 million equity stake in Xenon Pharmaceuticals to license a clinical-stage epilepsy drug and collaborate on other potential treatments for the seizure-causing brain disorder. The Xenon (NASDAQ: XENE) deal is the second one San Diego-based Neurocrine has struck this year in a bid to expand […]
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