On-Demand Service Request

Could you use an extra set of hands in your lab to help you get everything done? 

Allow ManagedLab Services' team of On-Demand support technicians to help.

How it Works:

Our team of trained support personnel is available in 4-hour blocks to come on site and get stuff done.  From glass wash and media prep to lab clean up and incubator assembly/install, our team can handle almost anything, with no commitment from you.

  1. Click below to schedule when you would like the work completed
  2. Choose which type of support you need
  3. Give us your contact info and answer a few simple questions
  4. Pay with your credit card
  5. A tech will show up at the requested time and give you 4-hours of hard-working, results-yielding support

Support Types

Basic Lab Support

A Lab Technician trained in all areas of lab support will provide support in areas such as:

  • Glass wash/autoclave
  • Media/buffer prep
  • Lab clean-up organization
  • Stocking shelves
  • Freezer Defrosts

Facilities Support

A Facilities Technician versed in all things lab and handyman will provide support in areas such as:

  • Basic equipment installation (moving incubators, ice machine, centrifuge, etc.)
  • Hanging whiteboards/pictures/shelving
  • Changing light bulbs/ballasts
  • Fixing doors, faucets, etc.