Lab Science Support Services


At the core of our Science Support Services it is our belief that it takes a qualified ongoing support to make a happy and efficient PI. 

Our On-Demand Science Support Team includes Research Associates and Lab Technicians that work as an an integrated part of your research team, under your protocols & SOPs.

They will take care of routinized, time-consuming tasks, such as basic benchwork, redundant preps, targeted research, experiments and documentation, freeing up your scientists to focus on more data driven portions of their experiments.

Our technicians and associates strive to exceed your expectations.


First, our engagement manager will meet with your PI onsite to understand the level of support and engagement required to meet your research, business and financial objectives.

You select the level of engagement that fits your needs and we will offer tier-based, scalable pricing with full and part-time commitment options for our lab technicians and research associates.

We will work with your PI to ensure a professional and cultural fit of the team member that will be embedded within your organization. Depending on your preferences and commitment level,  you can signup our existing team member(s) or have a qualified candidate join our team on behalf of your organization.

We will take care of all your HR and personnel management issues included but not limited to the following:  training, worker's compensation and the management of time off and benefits.  Your assigned engagement manager will help you optimize your contract and will co-manage with you.  

THE RESULT: increased return on your R&D spending by boosting productivity of your scientific team without impact on headcount. 


  • High Throughput Automation
  • Compound Management
  • Protein purification
  • R&D (biology and chemistry)
  • Crystallization
  • FACS (flow cytometry)
  • Sequencing




  • Materials Prep (Media / Buffer, DNA/RNA, etc.)
  • Basic bench work under defined protocols (assays, cell centrifugation, etc.)
  • Targeted research
  • Experiment preparation (consumables, work space, equipment, etc.)
  • Perform supervised & independent experiments
  • Maintain lab notebooks and documentation
  • Present data