Consulting Services

Our Laboratory Operations Consultants bring years of experience in setting up, running and operating R&D labs to meet performance objectives.

We offer our customers the advantage of our location – and connections – in Southern California.  Not only we are capable of providing the best support to our clients, we have deep knowledge of local infrastructure, resources, etc. to bring you truly practical solutions.

Asset Management Programs


Perform asset inventory assessment (define, locate, and inventory required assets with specified data points).

Document the program and required SOPs for the life cycle management of assets.


ManagedLab Services tracks auditable information: PM (preventative maintenance), calibration, and service contract data.

We utilize a work order system that allows your assets to track, manage, and pre-schedule required maintenance.

For companies that are under a ManagedLab Services Agreement, our personnel will handle all aspects of the system management.

New Lab Setup

Our Laboratory Consultants are experts in new lab space maximization, streamlined workflow, and performance-focused operations.

When setting up a new lab, the earlier you bring ManagedLab Services onsite, the easier we can make the process. Being guided by a local lab expert will prevent you from making critical mistakes, such as being locked into a lease in a code non-compliant building, forgetting key lab attributes (space for inventory, lab coat racks, waste storage, etc), etc.


Local vendor setup

New & used equipment acquisition and installation. As long-term lab management experts, with a high volume of assets under management, we have fantastic sourcing capabilities.

Lab workflow optimization in collaboration with your scientists.

Compliance with local codes and safety regulations

Lab Moves


Assessment of the current operations

Work with various departments to develop a move strategy (equipment design and layout, vendor transfers)

Inventory assets

New location preparation (floor plan), work with end-users to ensure optimal set up and design

Ensure business continuity during the move (phased moves are scheduled to minimize downtime), manage information flow, and coordinate vendor schedules.


Pre-move labeling versus floor space to ensure an efficient move with minimal downtime.

Manage the moving crew and help select moving vendors, if required.

Ensure compliance with local codes and safety regulations.


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